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Yes indeed, Men's Health Matters! Listen to the Founder of the Hub, Tracey McBeath share why this Series is happening.

I want you to have all the right information to make your choices when it comes to your health. Whether that be improving a chronic health condition you currently have, or preventing them from happening. 

What you eat is fundamentally the most important piece of the health puzzle. Yet how many men suffer from type 2 diabetes complications, which look like blindness, limb amputations, or die from a heart attack well before their time, or suffer from dementia and cancers. 

And no one ever asks them 'what do you eat.'

Well, these practitioners would.

And they are sharing not only this knowledge with you, but why health matters to them. How health underpins everything that matters in life and keeps us being able to do them independently for much much longer. 

Each presenter is sharing with you the following questions:

  • Who they are and what they do
  • What were their light bulb moments that changed their view on health
  • Why does health matter to them
  • Their top 5 tips

    There are other questions too, plus some presenters are focusing on a health topic of interest. Most presentations are 15-20 mins in length, and full of GOLD.

Do. not. miss. this. Sign up to this for you, your partner, your son, your brother, your father, your best mate.

So who will be in this Series?

SERIES ONE (click names below to learn about your speakers)

Watch a preview of Series ONE here!

SERIES TWO (click names below to learn about your speakers)

Watch a preview of Series TWO here!

SERIES THREE (click names below to learn about your speakers)

Watch a preview of Series THREE here!

Need more information or have a question?

Contact info@lowcarblifestylehub.com if you have any questions or need further information. 

Please share this Series with anyone you think might be interested! Let's spread the word of hope, possibilities and options!

To your health!

Tracey McBeath and the Low Carb Hub Admin Team.

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