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"It was AMAZING, what an amazing group of people you put together!"

"Thank you so much. I got so much out of this Summit."

"Amazing! Filled my day while baking up a low carb storm in my kitchen. So much new knowledge, thank you."

"The range of presentations was fantastic, and being able to watch in our own time is really great."

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of a lower carbohydrate diet for your health, and you are looking for tips on how to start, then this Summit is for you! The Hub has gathered exceptional practitioners very experienced and knowledgeable in therapeutic low carbohydrate nutrition, and have put their energies in to bringing you scientific, relevant and practical information to help you to work out if low carb is right for you.

The Summit is broken down it to two sections. The first section is focused on more general low carb nutrition and information that is relevant for everyone. The second section is where we have more special interest presentations.

What will be covered: General Presentations (click on the presenters name to learn more about them)

  • The first presentation is an interview with the Hub podcast host, Tracey McBeath and the doctors from Sydney Low Carb Specialists, Dr Deepa Mahananda & Dr Alex Petrushevski. In this discussion, Tracey asks them if the low carb diet is safe, and whether there may be people who it isn't safe for. She also asks them to explain what is insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome, and why we should want to avoid or reverse these conditions.  I will also ask them how to work out how low carb to go!
  • The Impact of Food on Metabolic Health by Dr Estrelita Van Rensburg
  • Getting Started on Low Carb by Jessica Turton
  • What Blood Tests Should I Ask My Doctor For.. And Why? by Tom Paavola
  • How Change Really Works by Tia Reid
  • A Practical Overview of Measuring Insulin & It's Benefits by Andy Taylor & Dr Donal Collins

Special Interest Presentations:

Who would benefit from attending this Summit? Everyone! But particularly if you:

  • are insulin resistant (or don’t even know what that is and want to find out)
  • want to avoid becoming insulin resistant
  • have metabolic syndrome (or don't even know what that is and want to find out)
  • have fatty liver disease
  • have abdominal obesity
  • have type 2 diabetes (or pre diabetes, gestational diabetes)
  • have high blood pressure
  • suffer from a lack of energy
  • suffer from blood sugar swings (for example, getting 'hangry')
  • you suffer from Gout or PCOS

If you have any questions, please contact the Hub Admin Team on info@lowcarblifestylehub.com

Thank you!


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